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What type of parent are you ?



I tell my children the reasons behind my expectations.

I take my children's opinions into consideration.

I give my children opportunities to make their own choices.

Children should follow strict rules.

I criticise my children to improve their behavior .

I will do anything to prevent my children from Failing.

What type of parent are you ?
Overprotective Parent

Always putting the child in the center of attention in any given situation. Being overly present and holding hands. Keeping Your Child From Failing. Micromanaging and scheduling everything for the child. Restraining the child to discover a safe environment by himself/herself. The child doesn't have much time alone. Giving the child limited room to grow and explore.

Reasonable, Caring and loving. They tend to put high and clear expectations but not harsh or aggressively punitive.. Communication is well nurtured and the child has the freedom to express himself/herself. A child with Authoritative parents grow up to be well-adjusted, independent, and capable of empathy.

The opposite of strict, with little or no boundaries. The child pretty much decides anything he/she wants. There's a lot of communication but the child has the last word. Parents are most likely seen as friends. In some cases it is a conscious choice.

It is often referred as the old school way. Too many boundaries and rules that confine the kid and is a break to his/her growth. Communication with a child is actually essential to the growth and expansion of his mind and other abilities. Strict rules with punishments install many limiting beliefs and patterns into the child's brain functions.

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